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We create actionable, multipurpose drones that solve everyday problems ranging from autonomous last-mile delivery to emergency response to infrastructure repair. Our drones stand out for their customizability and ability to integrate with existing systems. Take a look at our different platforms and explore our technology page to see what the future holds.

Due to their highly customizable nature, Heven Drones are suitable for multiple industries, including defense, homeland security, agriculture, delivery, and enterprise. Our drones could be customized for almost any need you can think of. You imagine- we deliver.

We create our drones in-house, in a state-of-the-art 20,000 sq. ft. production facility adjacent to our R&D and administrative offices in the North of Israel. With four production lines and skilled manufacturers, we can create up to 200 fully customizable drones per month at current capacity.

Payload, distance, customizability. Using proprietary technologies, we create customizable drones with superior stability, lifting capacities and flight endurance. We not only create the drones that get work done- we also work with multiple partners to ensure that our drones integrate seamlessly with customers’ existing systems.

We are developing the core technologies and platforms that will fundamentally transform what drones can do, creating faster, more efficient, and sustainable mobility solutions. Our multidisciplinary and highly experienced R&D team continuously works on developing drones that can lift heavier payloads for longer flight times.

We will soon be testing our first hydrogen drone, a dramatic step that could alter the drone industry as we know it. Stay tuned to our news page for updates!

Absolutely!! Heven Drones is experiencing significant growth, and we regularly recruit outstanding candidates who share our passion and vision. Check out the careers page to see our job postings.

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